Aug 22nd 2018

We are know the Hurricane season is when all things happen, We need to be prepared at all times from your vehicle emergency kit or your get home bag, bug out bag it is always nice to have those items at home, when the power goes out.... they say to shelter in place. So we need to have a kit at home.

Water ( lots ) a gallon per day per person enough for 4 days 

Food 4 days non perishable, Mountain House meals 

Camping Stove and extra fuel

Small Tent for shelter 

Mess kits, Paper Plates, Bowls, 

Paper, Pens, Pencils for writing 

Books, games for the children

Extra Shoes, Boots, clothes, Coats, Hats depends on the weather and time of the year

Water Proof Bag or rolling duffel for your clothes and personal items,    

Female items for personal hygiene 

Sleeping Bag for each family member 

Medications and glasses enough for 4 days

Battery power Radio and extra batteries

Flashlights & Lantern with extra Batteries

First Aid Kit more than simple kit, add some trauma bandages, trauma kit 

Whistle to signal others 

Dusk Mask

Duck Tape

Plastic Sheeting for covering up windows 

Pet Food and Pet Medications 

Infant Food, Formula, diapers, Clothes, medications enough for 4 days 

Fire Extinguisher

Matches in water proof container

House Hold Chlorine Bleach 

Tools, adjustable Wrench, Hatchet, Pliers, Screw Drivers, Crowbar

We at Essential Emergency Gear can build custom kits for you or your business